Without insurance, how much does a CT scan cost?

Many people want to know how much a CT scan will cost without insurance.

The average cost of a CT scan without insurance can range anywhere from $400 to $3000.

There is a price difference, depending on which type of scan, where the provider is, and the specific cost.

An in-network provider can provide a lower cost for the CT scan than an out-of-network provider

A basic CT scan usually costs around $400-$600 without insurance.

A more complex scan like a CT angiogram may cost up to $3000 or more.

Some imaging centers offer special pricing and discounts to uninsured patients.

It's important to ask questions when scheduling your CT scan and shop around for the best price.

Don't forget to ask if they accept payment plans or offer any financial assistance options to help cover the cost of the scan.

If your doctor is recommending a CT scan, ask if it's necessary and look into other options that may be more affordable.