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Get Free Laptops For Students From Government

If you’re thinking if free computers for students are even attainable, the answer is a resounding yes. The government, as well as many educational institutions and charitable organizations, recognize the importance of a laptop computer for higher education.

As a result, such groups conduct a variety of initiatives to assist students in obtaining free laptop computers. These programs are conducted out by both for-profit and non-profit groups with the goal of assisting students in achieving their goals.

Free Laptops For Students From The Government

You have the option to apply for a government provided laptop. The eligibility requirements are somewhat stringent. This is because they wish to assist low-income families that are in desperate need of a computer.

How to apply for a free laptopHow To Apply For A Free Laptop?

Criteria for eligibility :

  • US nationality
  • A legitimate form of identification
  • Address verification
  • Proof of low-income status, such as a Tax Return or a pay stub.

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Organizations That Help To Get Free Laptops For Students

With Causes

With Causes Charitable Organization has a number of programs in place to assist those in need. One of their objectives is to give laptops and PCs to folks who cannot afford them. This is accomplished by donating laptop computers to kids. To see if you are eligible for their program, you must first fill out an online application.

Requirements for Eligibility : –

  • Growing up in a low-income household
  • A veteran or a military member
  • Residing at a women’s refuge for abused women

Freecycle is among the most prominent online resale marketplaces, where individuals sell and purchase worn but functional products. The website encourages the use of recycled items. Almost everything may be found here. Not precisely free, however the prices on this website are relatively low because the products sold here are second hand yet in acceptable shape.

Computers 4 Kids

Computers for Kids is a non-profit organization that gives free laptop computers to children in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Businesses or individuals contribute computers, which are then reconditioned and handed to impoverished youngsters.

The firm also provides low-cost computers to schools and other non-profits. The purpose is to assist them in the construction of computer laboratories to facilitate children’s research and education.

World Computer Exchange

This worldwide initiative harbors laptops, computers, and other electrical gadgets from all around the world. The initiative primarily assists and gives free laptop computers to college students  under the age of 24 and institutions in underdeveloped nations.

The organization may also assist in providing laptop grants to college students. To learn more about their programs, go to their official website.


This program is made available by the government in several states. The initiatives’ goal is to deliver free laptop computers to low-income households. The various states have varied criterion required for qualifying. To be eligible for this program, you must have an annual income of less than $45000.

Accelerated School Program

The Accelerated School Program offers loans for a laptop. The initiative intends to assist low-income families by providing them with laptop computers to help them enhance their education.

To participate in this program, you must apply for a free laptop through the government. Then you’ll need to put down $100 to receive a computer on loan.

Technology For The Future

The non-profit foundation has collaborated with a variety of organizations and families from around the United States and Canada. The organization’s goal is to provide students in need with the resources they need to succeed in the twenty-first century. Specifically, resources such as laptop computers that are needed to complete their education.

The On It Foundation

On It Foundation (short for Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology Foundation) is a non-profit foundation that offers free laptop computers to qualifying low-income families with school-aged children (from kindergarten up to Grade 12).

You would need your legal guardian to enroll for a computer on your behalf. To receive a free laptop, they will need to give contact information as well as sign ‘The Letter of Request’ and a declaration from your school. Your legal guardian can mail or email the letter to the organization.

If your family does not qualify for a free laptop, you can purchase one at a reduced price via the foundation’s Jump On It! Program.

Alliance For Technology And Refurbishing And Reuse

The Alliance for Technology, Refurbishment, and Reuse has a simple goal: to distribute laptop computers to those in need. On its website, the group offers a ‘Map Locator,’ which you may use to locate a computer. However, not all computers would be gratis, but they do provide reasonably priced ones worth considering.

The organization’s goal is to support children, parents, and instructors by providing them with tools such as a free laptop. Cfy.Org provides free internet plans and instructional software in addition to supplying reconditioned computers to those in need. These users receive free access to an IT helpline.

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Government Grants Ensuring Free Laptops For Students

Pell Grants

Pell Awards are one of the most well-known grants among students since they assist low-income individuals in paying their tuition. Similarly, they assist with government-provided free computers for college students.

How to get free laptop from the government
How To Get Free Laptop From The Government

To qualify for Pell Grants, one must first complete an application form. In addition, you will be required to produce a few crucial papers such as evidence of citizenship, proof of identification, pay stubs, and so on. If you are deemed to be qualified, you will be provided the necessary funds.

Department Of Social And Health Services

It may look unnatural, but you may get a free laptop from the government if you contact the Department of Social and Health Services. It may not supply you with a free laptop right away, but it will certainly aid you in identifying ways to receive a free laptop for university students.

Disaster Assistance

The program assists people with all of their disaster-related losses. All you have to do is register for disaster aid and check whether there are any schemes for free computers for students. Examine your eligibility, and then apply if you meet the requirements.

There will also be a few documents required.

Scholarships To Get Free Laptops For Students

Many organizations, including private corporations such as Dell and Apple, provide free laptop computers to deserving students. The goal of these scholarships is to assist young and creative brains in continuing their study and contributing to the society with their expertise.

Some of the popular scholarships offered by brands themselves are:

  • Scholarship From Apple Providing Free Laptops For Students .
  • Dell Scholarships Providing Free Laptops For Students.

Free Laptops For Students With Disability

Among the organizations that cater to the needs of handicapped persons are :

  • Jim Mullen Charity This is a huge foundation that assists impaired children in receiving a free computer.
  • Check with charities This organization is designed specifically for charitable reasons and disabled individuals, so you may simply obtain a free laptop or computer.
  • Enquire at your local library Some libraries provide impaired kids with technological gifts. So you may look for a laptop or PC there.

Which Are The Universities That Offer Free Laptops For Students?

Many colleges provide complimentary computers or iPads. The following are the top-ranked colleges that provide free laptops to their students : –

  • University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  • University of Minnesota-Crookston
  • Valley City State University
  • Saint Leo University
  • Northwest Missouri State University
  • Western Kentucky University
  • Rutgers-Newark University
  • Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • St. John’s University
  • Ohio State University
  • Maryville University
  • Indiana State University
  • Rochester College
  • Dakota State University
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Full Sail University
  • Wake Forest University
  • Chatham University
  • Coppin State University
  • South Nazarene University
  • Bethel University
  • Duke University Institute for Global Health
  • Amridge University
  • Wake Forest University
  • Centenary College
  • Widener University
  • College America
  • University of Rochester
  • Moravian College
  • Stevens Henager College
  • Seton Hill University

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I get a Free Laptop For Students From Donations?

Laptop donations may appear to be worth a try, but there are methods to obtain these laptops for free or at a low cost if you are persistent and have a little luck. Try all of the techniques for obtaining a laptop and keep trying till they pay. If you’re willing to accept reconditioned devices or devices that’s a few years old, you’ll have a greater chance of receiving a free computer than if you attempt to wait for a new model.

Can Financial Assistance Help Me To Get a Free Laptop For Students?

Yes, you can select any financial aid for students provided by institutions or organizations. If a student is unable to obtain a free laptop through these programs, another alternative is to obtain one through other programs such as student loans, low income earner loans, or no credit check loans, which may be beneficial to students as well as single moms returning to school or college.

Which is The Best Laptop For Online Classes?

Every student’s needs vary according to  course requirements in which they are enrolled. Any student can pick a laptop based on their needs and academic requirements; however, keep in mind that this is a one-time decision; once made, they cannot be returned or modified.

Conclusion : –

The possibilities for obtaining a free laptop don’t really end there! Below are some different possibilities for you to consider.

  • Stay updated out for discounts on laptops. eBay, Amazon, Dell Refurbished, Facebook Marketplace, and many more are examples of well-discounted retailers.
  • Earn gift vouchers that may be used to purchase a laptop.
  • Participate in free giveaways; there are several free prizes available online. However, it is critical that users enter a legitimate competition.
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