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Grants For Truck Drivers To Buy A Truck

Owning a business and not dancing to someone else’s tunes is a dream for many in the trucking industry. Whether it’s transporting, or logistics, the trucking industry has taken whatever has been thrown at it. It has been thriving since time immemorial.

Looking at the speed at which the industry has been growing, people have been diving into it. New truck companies are standing up every now and then. All this has been possible because of the grants for truck drivers to buy a truck. The government has been eyeing the needs of the employees in the trucking industry. It has given a good provision of grants to start a trucking company.

Businesses have increased by multiple folds in the past few years. This has led to a boost in the demand for trucks and transportation. This is where grants for trucking companies come as a blessing to the truck drivers. This piece will discuss grants for truck drivers to buy a truck.

Grants For Truck Drivers To Buy A Truck: Should You Take The First Step?

Various truck drivers are stranded in the industry, making ends meet, yet getting nowhere. People get impatient and try changing companies, jobs, and whatnot. But, what if we told you that you need not do all of that struggle? All you need to do is look for grants for truck drivers. You can find many trucking business grants given by the government and other organizations to help you set up your truck business.

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Grants to start trucking business


Many have come to believe that they can start a business holding no significant amount in their bank balance. This has only been possible because of the grants for truck drivers to buy a truck. Getting your very first revenue through a small business grant for truck drivers is only going to help you set up your dream.

Talking of the trucking business, you don’t need to have a huge fleet in your parking lot. You can begin with just a truck. And this truck can well be bought with the help of grants for trucking businesses that the US government is giving out. With that one truck, you can build the entire empire of your dreams.

Read on to find out about those grants for truck drivers to buy a truck.

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7 Grants To Start Trucking Business

Without any further ado, let us quickly dive into the list of grants that you’re looking for :-

  • SBA 8a Business Development

topping the list of government grants for trucking businesses is a small business grant. This one is popular for aiding the truc business owners with government contracts.

The federal government gives an opportunity to small businesses every year. It reserves 5% of contracts for these small businesses to support them. You can use this federal grant for trucking company to your benefit. Use the revenue from this contract to get yourself a truck business. Additionally, you can take a look at the various loan programs available under this grant.

  • FedEx Small Business Grant

Now who hasn’t heard of FedEx? It is one of the most popular transportation or trucking companies in the world. It has been there for decades and the business has been flourishing ever since it was born.

Now, being one of the giants in the trucking industry, FedEx has started programs to help small businesses. It helps small businesses escalate and touch higher skies.

FedEx has been running a contest for small truck businesses wherein they get a chance to win upto $50,000 to begin their business with a thrill.

Now this amount is huge if you’ve only thought of grants for truck drivers to buy a truck. This is not only for the truckers, but anyone in the similar industry can dive in. It is for small businesses, and every small business is to benefit.

  • Employment And Training Administration Grant

The US government’s Department of Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is all out to provide financial support, guidance, and support to those struggling to start a business. It has a vision of preparing American citizens to land quality jobs and employment. The Department of Labor of the US government gives out funding to ETA for this purpose.

  • USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant

if you belong to a rural area of the country, you are at an edge over the others for receiving grants. The Department of Agriculture is all set to help those in the rural corners of the country to come up with ideas and start their businesses. These grants can range from $10,000 to $500,000. However, the smaller amount requests are given priority over others and are approved earlier. So, make sure you make a thoughtful decision before applying for this grant for owner-operator truck drivers.

  • NASE Growth Grant

NASE stands for the National Association for Self-Employed. It has been running in the country for years and helping people who are struggling to stand on their own feet. All across the nation, this program has promised to make running businesses easy for all those small businesses. The grant amount is around $4,000 and can be used to hire employees, buy new resources, or for marketing purposes.

  • Veteran-Owned Business Grants

If you have served the nation through military services, you can very easily qualify for the grants given by the Department of Veterans Affairs. A portal named the Veteran Entrepreneur Portal is managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This portal is one one-stop destination for all the relevant information about upcoming business opportunities.

You can avail of the grants from this department and can also be a part of the ideas floating on the portal. Meet fellow veterans and share your ideas with them. In case you have a disability from your service, you can get help from the VR &Employment track fo the department for starting your business, creating a business plan, or executing and buying resources for it.

  • School Grants

If you find yourself on the list of newbies who know nothing about the trucking business but are determined to begin a career in the same industry you have to check out the school grants.

These grants for truck drivers to buy a truck are very useful for those who wish to learn the basics. You can get your licensure and certification with the help of these government grants for trucking business. There are several such federal grants for truck drivers. An example of he same is the Pell grant given by the government of the US.

To anyone looking to build up a new trucking company, it is imperative that they are aware of the resources and help available to them. The government has been trying to help several small businesses such as trucking businesses and many more. You can find multitudes of of grants for new trucking companies if you really look for it.

Conclusion :-

We hope your question- how to get a grant to start a trucking business has been answered satisfactorily in the article above. We have mentioned the 7 most important grants for truck drivers to buy a truck. You can look up to these grant programs closely and find out which one works the best for you.

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