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Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards With $1000 Limits For Bad Credit And No Deposit

In the modern world, you need a good credit score to keep and grow your money. It decides whether we will be granted credit cards, loans, or leases. However, acquiring a credit card may be difficult for people with bad credit. Traditional credit card companies often ask for a high credit score, a deposit, or both before they accept an application. However, there is still hope for people with poor credit since there are credit cards with guaranteed approval credit cards with $1000 limits for bad credit and no deposit.

This article will talk about how hard it is to have bad credit, the benefits of credit cards with guaranteed approval, and how people with bad credit can find and use credit cards with $1,000 credit limits. We’ll also talk about how to take control of our finances and slowly build our credit.

Top 7 Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards With $1000 limits For Bad Credit And No deposit

Credit cards with guaranteed approval, such as $1000 limit credit cards, don’t need a credit check or down payment to get approved. This means that a person is likely to be approved for the card, no matter their credit score.

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1000 dollar guaranteed approval unsecured credit cards for bad credit

People trying to fix their credit may find that these credit cards are a good choice because they let them start using credit again and rebuilding their credit scores.

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Below is a list of the top 7 guaranteed approval credit cards with $1000 limits for bad credit and no deposit:-

  1. First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard

The First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard’s appeal rests on the lack of minimum credit criteria and provides a credit limit of $2000. This card allows everyone to have a line of credit, unlike other cards where you need high or great credit. All that is needed is a $200 down payment, which is entirely refunded when you delete your account after six months.

It offers a rapid online application process, instantaneous funding availability, and acceptance anywhere. You do not require any minimum credit score, and a 3% cash advance fee is charged.

Additionally, you will benefit from no credit checks or background inquiries, increasing your chances of being accepted.

The APR on First Progress Platinum is likewise consistently low. It offers a low purchase APR of 23.74%. This card makes it simple and reasonable to pay off your purchases in installments whether you need to carry a debt every month or just wish to do so to avoid accruing excessive interest or penalties.

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  1. Capital One Secured Mastercard

The Capital One Secured Mastercard is a credit card for those with poor or little credit records. Even though you have to put down a deposit to use this card, the credit limit is usually between $200 and $3000, depending on how much you put down as a deposit. The credit limit may be raised depending on the person’s creditworthiness and payment history.

One of the finest features of the card is that you can upgrade to a guaranteed approval unsecured credit card after a certain amount of responsible use. If everything is in order, Capital One may switch the card to a non-secured card and return the deposit after reviewing the account after five months.

  1. Citi Secured Mastercard

The Citi Secured Mastercard is a credit card offered by Citibank. With this card, you can use a security deposit of min $200 to a maximum of $2,500 to get a revolving credit line that can help you build credit. Citi informs all the main credit reporting agencies about your payment history. If you use your credit card responsibly, you can find yourself on the road to building good credit and getting one of the various Citi unsecured credit card possibilities.

The card also serves as a Mastercard, making it usable at the millions of shops across the globe that accept Mastercard. It has no annual charge, reports to three main credit agencies, is accepted internationally, and regularly has a variable APR of 22,49%.

  1. First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard

With the First Progress Platinum Prestige MasterCard, you may get a cash advance for as little as 3% of the entire amount. This deposit amount is much less than the average 10–20% deposit demanded by most other secured cards. Since there is no minimum credit score requirement, it is great for people who want to build or improve their credit.

The card offers a limit of $2000. It cannot be renewed to an unsecured one; therefore, the only option is to cancel the card and apply for a new one when your credit improves. However, updating the card may be difficult when the limit is increased.

With no minimum credit score criteria and a modest $49 monthly cost, the First Progress Platinum Prestige MasterCard may assist clients in establishing or rebuilding their credit.

  1. Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card

The Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card is a secured credit card that helps people with bad credit or no credit build their credit slowly. The card has no annual fee and offers 1.5% cashback on all eligible purchases in addition to earning points for every dollar spent (if you spend $1,000 or more).

Here, the credit line is increased to a maximum of $25,000, with a $500 lower limit. This card has no annual fee, making it a great choice for starting or getting your finances in order.

When people use their Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card, they can get up to 5% cash back on all qualifying purchases. This is a great way for customers to get more for their money and improve their credit scores simultaneously.

  1. OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card

The OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card has a variable interest rate that isn’t too high, and it’s much lower than the rate on an unsecured card for people with bad credit. However, it does have an annual fee. The minimum deposit amount for this card is $200, but following approval, you can deposit up to $3,000 to get a credit limit that matches.

With an average acceptance rate of 85% over the last five years, OpenSky offers everyone the chance to improve their credit. After six months, you can qualify for the OpenSky Gold Unsecured Card. Interestingly, over half of OpenSky customers who paid on time in the first three months saw a 30+ point increase in their FICO score.

  1. Milestone Gold Mastercard

The Milestone Gold MasterCard is another guaranteed approval unsecured credit card for bad credit. It should be considered if you’re looking for a credit card with fantastic benefits that still stays within your spending limit. You can choose three Milestone $700 credit limit options based on your requirements and credit score.

The first is the Gold 300, which has a $35 yearly charge; those with poor or no credit histories who want an easy approach to raising their score often find this the greatest option.

The second choice is the Gold 301, which has an annual charge between $75 and $99 and offers customers extra benefits while helping to repair their credit.

The Gold 302 is the third choice, with an annual charge of $59; users may access more points and privileges with this card than with the other two.

All the above are secured and unsecured cards that you can get. If you have other options, you can apply for $1000 guaranteed approval for unsecured credit cards with bad credit.

Why Is Credit So Important?

In our financial lives, credit is essential because it enables us to get the money we need when we need it. A high credit score enables us to rent a house or apartment, apply for credit cards, and take out loans. Additionally, having good credit might reduce insurance premiums and increase employment prospects. But if you suffer from bad credit, various options, such as guaranteed approval credit cards, are still available.

Credit management is an important skill that helps us reach our financial goals, like buying a house, starting a business, or saving for retirement. Additionally, it fosters a feeling of security and independence in our finances.

However, people with poor credit may not be able to take advantage of these changes. People with bad credit must fix their credit before getting the money they need for growth. People with bad credit can start to rebuild their credit and take charge of their financial futures by finding and using credit cards with $1,000 credit limits and no security deposit.

The Challenges Of Bad Credit

A low credit score might significantly affect our ability to make ends meet. Receiving approval for a credit card or loan may be challenging, and obtaining a fair interest rate can be much more challenging. Renting a house or apartment, as well as finding employment, may become challenging.

Having bad credit also makes it hard to get a good interest rate on a loan or credit card. It may be challenging to pay off a loan or credit card amount with a high interest rate, making it more challenging to build credit over time. However, guaranteed approval credit cards for people with bad credit can help you improve your credit score.

Speaking personally, it may be frustrating and distressing to have bad credit since it can make you feel like you’re caught in a cycle of financial difficulty. It’s important to know that there are steps we can take to fix our bad credit and get back in charge of our finances.

To fix bad credit, finding guaranteed approval credit cards with $1000 limits for bad credit and no deposit is significant, and make sure to pay your bills on time. People may repair their credit with the correct tactics and take charge of their financial destinies.


Getting a credit card may be difficult for those with poor credit. But do not worry! Even with bad credit, you may discover a credit card that meets your requirements and budget with a bit of time, research, and perseverance.

Secured credit cards sometimes need a security deposit, but they often have lower costs and are easy to get. You can also get a bigger credit limit and a better credit score if you are patient and work hard.

Therefore, stop letting your credit score prevent you from obtaining financial independence. With guaranteed approval credit cards with $1000 limits for bad credit and no deposit, take charge of your money and set off on the road to a better financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for getting a $1,000 credit card?

Each card issuer has different requirements, but generally, you need a steady source of income, a good credit history, and a high credit score. Consider a secured credit card or one with a smaller credit limit if your credit is poor.

How can I improve my credit score to get a $1,000 credit card?

Pay your bills on time, get rid of debt, and limit how often you apply for new credit to raise your credit score. You can also improve your score if you keep an eye on your credit report and dispute any mistakes you find.

Is a $1000 credit limit ideal for a first credit card?

Yes, a $1,000 credit limit is a reasonable place to start for a first credit card. It keeps you from spending too much while giving you some freedom when you buy things and build your credit history. Moreover, you can also consider a credit card with $500 guaranteed approval for the same.

What is the minimum credit card limit?

Different credit card limits exist depending on the credit profile and card provider. However, credit limits as low as $200 or even $50 are not unusual for secured credit cards, which need a security deposit. Credit limits on unsecured credit cards may start at $300 or $500, but they are subject to change depending on the applicant’s creditworthiness.

Which credit card would be best for me?

Research several guaranteed approval credit cards with $1000 limit with bad credit, and no deposit and compare their fees, interest rates, and other terms and conditions to choose the best credit card. It’s also crucial to look at the issuer’s standing, stability, and customer satisfaction ratings.

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