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Is the American Emergency Fund Legit? Let’s Dive In

Are you having any unexpected expenses as a daily visitor? Finding it difficult to pay your medical bills? Several expenses could surge your expenses and could lead you to bankruptcy, such as rental deposits, car repairs, house restorations, medical bills etc. In such tough conditions, you might have heard the name “American Emergency Fund”.

It is reasonable to turn to such a website in an emergency. You might be worried about how legit the website could be. You often have questioned Is American Emergency Fund Legit?  Follow the article to find out about the legitimacy of the American Emergency Fund and its specifications.

What Is The American Emergency Fund?

American Emergency Fund is a financial support loan provided to support low-income households at low-interest rates. The loan is provided only to those whose income is less than the federal limit. After covid situations have been tough for people with low income.

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American emergency fund reviews

According to, only 68% of people don’t have money to survive more than one month and 57% of US adults cannot afford a $1000 emergency fund. So emergency fund loans will play a very important role in saving many Americans from going bankrupt.

Is American Fund Legit?

Talking about American Emergency Fund, you might have found advertisements on many social media apps with such websites. American Emergency Fund loan reviews have been mixed as there is no guarantee you will get a loan even if you apply for one as the website doesn’t lend money itself.

They are just a service provider. They have a few lender networks and they share your data with them. There’s a privacy issue here, your data might get shared further by the lenders. Their website reveals that they are not an agent or broker of lenders but merely a service provider and they don’t charge you a single penny for the loan.

Based on this data no one can call the American Emergency Fund fraudulent, but some issues raise a great concern about their legitimacy. That will be covered further in the article.

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Does The Website Look Genuine?

The website comes out to be well-designed and seems professionally made and genuine at first glance. The quality of a website plays a good role in deciding whether it is legit or not. The website opens with a very catchy text “What amount works best for you?”.

And then there is an option to choose the money starting from up to $1000 and gradually increasing to $5000 and over. When you choose any of the amounts provided they ask for the following information

  • Name – First and Last name
  • Email Address – Primary
  • SSN Number – Last four digits
  • Phone Number – Current number
  • Timings – Best time when the lender can reach out to you. Morning, Noon or Night?
  • Home Address Details – Zip code, Address, City, State
  • Date of birth – dd/mm/yy
  • Credit Card Debit – Amount of Debt
  • If you own a car – If yes then you have to provide every minute detail like  company, model, vehicle trim and the year you bought that in
  • Duration – No of years you have been living in your house
  • Ownership of the Home – Do you own the house?
  • Monthly Income 
  • Frequency of your salary – Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Employment – How long have you been employed, working phone number
  • Drivers licence ID number and state
  • Social Security Number
  • Type of Bank Account – Savings or Checking and how long you have a bank account
  • Direct Deposit – Yes or No
  • Credit Score
  • Reason for Applying for a Loan
  • Bank details – Where the money will be deposited

And then click on “request loan” as they have found the lenders, this seems a bit concerning. They have immediately found the lenders and have asked for a lot of personal information.

This is a big red flag and is a concern for the legitimacy of the site. In conclusion, the website looks legitimate but your personal information is not safe as there is no guarantee of a loan.

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How Does The Website Function?

American Emergency Fund is an affiliate website that acts as a bridge for loan providers and loan seekers. It is not a loan provider in itself. Acting like a bridge it doesn’t provide any information about the lenders.

The process of the loan is such that the information you fill in on the website is sent to lenders. The lenders look up to your application and based on your information they can accept or reject your loan.

As they already have your phone number and email they can contact you effortlessly. The rest of the procedure is similar to other loans. The only change in the American Emergency Fund loan is that you don’t have any information about lenders and give them your proposal for a loan through this website.

The disclaimer on the website is “If you do not want your personal information shared, do not apply for the loan.”

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Some Red Flags Of Concern

The first thing to be concerned about is the company’s address. TPOLTECH Inc. is the name of the company mentioned on the website. When looking at the company’s Google business profile it shows the company has permanently been closed.

Secondly, although the website mentioned the Annual Percentage Return ranges from 5.99% up to 35%, there have been some reviews where the loan seekers have received phone calls from outside of America. The American Emergency Fund has provided him with a $1500 loan at a whopping 777% interest.

Along with high APRs, your personal information is at your risk. Taking these red flags into consideration, even if the website is legit, it can be very risky to apply for a loan.

Reasons Not To Apply For The Loan From The American Emergency Fund

These factors are more concerning rather than advantageous. There are numerous reasons you must never apply for a loan from the American Emergency Fund :-

  • Annual Percentage Rate :- The website allegedly has fake APRs mentioned on its site. They have been alleged for charging 777% interest on a $1500 loan.
  • Established Date :- The company was established recently in the first month of 2023. This creates doubt over whether you should trust them or seek a loan from other old reputed lenders.
  • Google Business Profile Status :- The company’s Google business profile mentions the company has been permanently closed.
  • Personal Information Threat :- The website itself mentions if you don’t want your personal information to be shared with someone else and are concerned about it then better not apply for a loan. Because they share your information with a maximum of 5 lenders to find the best fit for your application.
  • The Presence Of Reputed Lenders Or Banks :- There are several banks and lenders that have been in this business for the last many years. It is better and more advantageous to apply for a loan from such reputed lenders rather than on a risky website.

Keeping all these concerning points in mind you should avoid using the American Emergency Fund to seek a loan. You must apply from the other available options like banks and other lenders.

Conclusion :-

In conclusion, the American Emergency Fund lifts many red flags about its legitimacy. Hindering the privacy and sharing the personal information of the customer it is very risky to apply for the loan. There is no transparency about the information of lenders.

The benefits are negligible and the risk factor is endless. American Emergency Fund aid is not a fraud yet it is not for your good to seek a loan from this website.

With false information provided on their website about the interest rates and terms and conditions, the website is one step closer to being a fraud. Choosing a long yet right way is more reliable and trustworthy for applying for a loan. Do share the information if you like the same. Come back to us for many such articles. Thank you for your time and consideration. Hope we see you next time.

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