Allotment loans for federal employees

Federal employees in need of extra funds now have the option to take out allotment loans.

Allotment loans are easy to get and come with low-interest rates.

Federal employees can apply for allotment loans online or through their department’s payroll office

Allotment loans can be used to cover a variety of expenses, including medical bills, car repairs, and home repairs.

The repayment period for allotment loans can be up to six years and payments can be made monthly or bi-weekly.

Employees must be current on all other loan payments to qualify for an allotment loan.

Allotment loans are secured by the employee’s salary, so there is no risk of defaulting on the loan.

Interest paid on allotment loans is tax deductible and does not have to be reported as income on tax returns.

Federal employees who need an extra boost in cash flow can take advantage of allocation loans.

Allotment loans are a secure, convenient, and cost-effective way for federal employees to get the money they need fast.